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Sympler has been providing SEO for manufacturing companies since our inception. We’ve worked with a variety of manufacturing businesses to boost their search rankings in Google, drive more traffic to their website, and increase conversions.

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SEO in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has seen enormous growth over the past few decades. Since 1987, the hourly output for workers in the manufacturing sector has increased by more than 2.25 times, in part due to technological advancements that have made manufacturing operations more efficient. World trade and exporting of manufactured products continues to rise, and competition is high in an industry made up of mostly small businesses.

The highly competitive nature of manufacturing merits a substantial investment in marketing efforts. Automobile manufacturers, for example, spend billions of dollars on TV, digital and other forms of advertising every year, and the trend appears to be shifting more towards digital. This is true of many industries as the popularity of mobile devices and the “Internet of things” continues to rise.

The US is the 2nd largest manufacturing nation in the world, generating more than $2 trillion a year. If you’re a manufacturing business, you can count on your competitors utilizing digital marketing, and you’ll need to do the same to stay above the pack. For many industrial companies, a search engine optimization campaign is the best implementation of a digital marketing strategy.

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Organic Search for the Manufacturing Industry

The utility of SEO applies to both business-to-consumer and business-to-business operations. Just as consumers look to Google to find out more about a product or service, business owners use search engines to seek out new suppliers. SEO for manufacturing follows much of the same guidelines and uses the same methods as for any other industry, and it starts with defining goals.

What are you hoping to accomplish with an SEO strategy for manufacturing? Are you looking to compete locally, nationally, or globally? What is your target market? Goal definition is the critical first stage to any manufacturing SEO campaign, as clearly defined goals will set the foundation for how the campaign is structured.

Once a clear set of goals has been established, it’s time to do some research. Our manufacturing SEO experts will do a deep dive into your manufacturing business, your industry, and your competition to get the best overall sense of how to conduct the campaign. This is also the point where keyword research comes into play, where we determine the best target keywords to maximize impressions, clicks, and conversions.

After your campaign is launched, we continually monitor its performance using powerful analytics tools that highlight key metrics. We then use this data to reshape and redesign the campaign as needed to stay on track with your goals.

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Manufacturing SEO

Frequently Asked Questions


SEO for manufacturing companies can increase your share of the local market for your products and services, making lifelong customers out of members of your community.


Manufacturing SEO is a long-term investment that provides traffic your website with qualified leads and builds on your brand equity. Manufacturers solve problems and people are searching for answers to their problems. It makes sense to do everything in your power to appear on the results page of search engines to expand your business. 


SEO for manufacturing can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months or more depending on competition, goals, and campaign structure.


Manufacturing websites and pages are ranked in search engines by using a complex algorithm that takes into account 200+ factors. Websites that are ranked higher in the SERPs are the ones considered to be the most relevant and useful.


A successful manufacturing SEO strategy will improve search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic, more conversions, and higher revenues for your business.


If your manufacturing business website is not listed on the first page of Google, you’re essentially not being seen at all. Manufacturing SEO can boost your search engine visibility and increase traffic to your site dramatically.

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Let’s Find You The Right Manufacturing SEO Strategy Your Company Deserves

The manufacturing sector in the US is a growing industry, and like all growing industries, increasing market saturation and competition will leave those who do not prioritize SEO out to dry. If you own a manufacturing business and feel you could benefit from SEO services, contact us today.

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