The Best SEO Audit Tools in 2022

Whether you’re just getting started in optimizing your website for better ranking on the SERPs or you’re fine-tuning an already well-performing site, you need objective data to help you along the way.

The kind of data you need comes from specialized tools designed to evaluate the effective SEO of a given website. These are unbiased auditing software that are programmed to look for areas where your site is underperforming, so you can make the necessary changes to enhance its performance in the modern SEO paradigm of 2022.

At Sympler, we’re obsessed with SEO. We also love when an SEO audit can be automated, saving time and headaches. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of the best SEO audit tools you need to ensure your site performance in 2022.

Let’s get started!

#1: Ahrefs Site Audit Tool

The folks at Ahrefs know how to package a website auditing tool. In the case of their Site Audit Tool, they’ve kitted together at least five individual modules that work together to provide a comprehensive analysis of your website.

With Ahrefs, a single tool checks your website against 100+ predefined SEO benchmarks. And, as updates are made to the major search engine ranking algorithms, Ahrefs performs updates to its Site Audit Tool.

What We Like

First and foremost, what we really like about the Ahref Site Audit Tool is just how extensive the data dive is. You can get seriously granular with this tool, but this can also be a bit overwhelming for the new user. However, for a skilled SEO technician, there is a lot here to love.

We also like the fact that you can use some basic features of the tool for free. If you really want to get significant value from it, though, you’ll want to upgrade to the premium version, which costs between $89 and $999 per month depending on what you need.

#2: SEMrush SEO Toolkit

seo audit toolIt’s hard to have a conversation about SEO without mentioning SEMrush. The company has been in the business for over 10 years, and they’ve established themselves as one of the most trusted names in SEO auditing.

Their SEO Toolkit is excellent for beginners and intermediate SEO technicians. And, the company offers a suite of related services and tools that pair well with an SEO audit (PPC, content analysis, social media, etc.).

What We Like

What we like most about the SEMrush solution is its simplicity. We definitely recommend exploring this option if you’re new to SEO and just want to get your feet wet. The way data is displayed is intuitive and actionable, and we absolutely love how easy it is to get started.

Another key feature we love is that you can get full access to every feature of the SEMrush SEO Toolkit free for seven days. If you like it, you can expect to be around $100 per month for ongoing access.

#3: Google Search Console

What used to be called Google Webmaster Tools is now the Google Search Console, and it’s a world-class SEO auditing tool you need to know about. What could be better than using an SEO tool that is provided by the largest and most commonly used search engine in the world?

Google Search Console provides reporting and measurement tools that track your site’s progress over time. You can even look ‘back in time’ up to 16 months to see how far you’ve come.

What We Like

The most compelling selling feature of the Google Search Console is its price: it’s 100% free for all users at all levels.

We also like how quickly you can access performance-related data without having to do more than click through a few parameters. Within just a few minutes, you should be able to acquire powerful data that can inform the key changes you need to make today so your site can start performing better, sooner.

Picking Up Where DIY Tools Leave Off

All of these tools are great for beginner-to-intermediate SEO professionals who just want to get a grasp of where their website is lacking. With access to some of the paid features listed above, it’s possible to make some seriously powerful changes to your site and experience significant organic growth faster than you thought possible on your own.

As helpful as these tools are, there is no substitute for expert-level SEO assistance. That’s why we’re here!

When you’re ready to supercharge your SEO and get the absolute most out of the investment you make in your website, contact us.

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