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Sympler has worked with a multitude of entertainment businesses, from restaurants and bars to music and special events venues. Our team of SEO professionals have developed extensive knowledge of how search engines rank key terms in the entertainment space through years of experience designing and implementing entertainment SEO campaigns. In doing so, we have helped dozens of local small businesses within the entertainment industry achieve higher rankings on Google and bring in more customers.

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SEO in the Entertainment Industry

One of the greatest luxuries of modern civilization is having the time and means to engage in leisure, particularly in the form of cultural and recreational activities such as going to see a movie or concert, eating out at restaurants, or taking a vacation. In modern society, whereupon technological advancements have left us with far more free time than humans were ever intended to have, the business of entertainment is booming.

Likewise, the business of entertainment marketing is also at an all time high. Restaurants, music venues, theaters, clubs, and other various entertainment venues are all competing with one another for our free time, and for our business. For those of us who are considering a night on the town, we often look to a search engine to see what’s going on in our area. This is why SEO is such an imperative component of any entertainment business’ digital marketing portfolio.

People generally have a specific idea of what they’re looking for when it comes to attending an event or venue, and are usually close to making a conversion before they even begin a search. Take the restaurant industry, for example. Consider that 95% of mobile users conduct restaurant searches, and that 90% of these users convert within a day of searching. Given this, it’s no surprise that restaurants rank consistently as the most-searched business category for local and mobile search queries.

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Organic Search for the Entertainment Industry

Our SEO services for entertainment businesses provide a foundation for success that includes:

  • Research and targeting of key words and phrases people are using to search for your service
  • Optimizing service, event, and location pages across your website
  • Ensuring complete and consistent business listings across all platforms, including Google My Business, Yelp, and other directories
  • Engaging your target audience with relevant, insightful content through blogs, video, and rich media
  • Increasing your business website’s authority by expanding and diversifying your citation portfolio
  • Monitoring and responding to reviews to facilitate engagement, trust, and loyalty with customers.

Our travel industry SEO services incorporate a wide range of tactics and tools to bring more tourism to your business. Our SEO experts are highly skilled and passionate about helping your travel business increase your visibility on Google, optimizing your website for mobile usability, keywords, content, backlinks, and more.

The entertainment industry is largely made up of local events, and as such SEO campaigns for entertainment businesses must be targeted to local members of the community. A local SEO strategy requires a thorough understanding of local search intent, i.e. what the user’s end goal is when searching for a business in a specific area. Sympler specializes in search engine optimization for local businesses, having helped many small businesses increase their market shares in their communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Entertainment SEO can increase your share of the local market for your restaurant, night club, wedding venue, or other entertainment business, making lifelong customers out of members of your community.


Online buzz is the best promotion to attract attendees. Creating a website with comments shared by past customers is one the key elements to your success. People are searching what others have experienced at a venue before choosing where to spend their free time and dollars. Search will be one of your main tools to help you keep your ticket sales up.


Entertainment SEO can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months or more depending on competition, goals, and campaign structure.


Entertainment websites and pages are ranked in search engines by using a complex algorithm that takes into account 200+ factors. Websites that are ranked higher in the SERPs are the ones considered to be the most relevant and useful.


A successful Entertainment SEO strategy will improve search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic, more conversions, and higher revenues for your business.


If your entertainment business website is not listed on the first page of Google, you’re essentially not being seen at all. Entertainment SEO can boost your search engine visibility and increase traffic to your site dramatically.

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