Why You Should Align Your Digital Marketing Needs with Your Business

It is easy to get consumed by the details of digital marketing and completely forget about your business strategy. Digital marketing strategies often involve so many moving parts that they can become overwhelming or just distracting enough that you end up taking your eye off of your ultimate goals. To address this, here are some points to consider as you navigate the digital marketing landscape.

Business Strategy Alignment

The business strategy. This is your overall plan – the growth objectives that take into account every aspect of your entire business. Maybe you call it your 3-to-5-year plan. It could be that the bank asked for your business plan at one time, and so it’s terrifically formal. In other cases, an exceptional business strategy can be a series of doodles on the back of a napkin. It’s no matter; your business plan represents the big picture. And, it’s important to everything. Really important. Your business strategy should include vital steps on how you go about positioning your organization within your chosen market to:

  • …successfully compete in your industry.
  • …satisfy the expectations of your customer base.
  • …achieve positive business performance.
  • …to make a profit.

How Business Strategies Get Lost in Digital Marketing

Lots of digital marketing is cool. Very, very cool. If you are not doing it all, perhaps you think you’re missing out. Well, maybe you are. There are so many options available for digital marketing that it is easy to get lost in the maze. There’s just so much technology. Then, there are the technical choices – should you be focusing on SEO or social media? PPC or organic growth? Throughout these decisions, it is vital to keep in mind your target audience and the purpose of each campaign or marketing strategy. When you are in the midst of growing your business, the ever-changing digital marketing landscape quickly becomes overwhelming. You are already busy enough. How are you supposed to develop, fine tune, and then maintain a modern, agile, effective digital marketing strategy, too? Imagine that digital marketing as a business discipline is like a quiver of arrows designed to hit a target (your audience) so you can win a contest (making a profit). When the arrows are shot into the air – instead of towards the target – no matter how well and with how much style you shoot, you are not going to win. This is just like implementing digital marketing that is not in tune with your business strategy. It might be fun to watch, but it is not going to move you toward the ultimate goal.

Bringing Digital Marketing to Your Business Strategy

When your digital marketing does not align with your business goals, you may notice:

  • You either spend a lot of time or not at all deciding on what digital marketing to do. Because you have no real criteria to make the decisions, it is either very difficult or you “do everything.” Campaigns seem to go on and on with little or no results.
  • You spend money, but you can’t tie it directly to results that matter. Perhaps sales go up, but, strangely, profits go down.
  • Digital marketing often involves multiple strategies, different goals, and complex objectives. Dealing with all of these moving parts can distract even the most dedicated entrepreneur from the real goal: your overall business strategy. The team at Sympler can help you stay focused by aligning your digital marketing needs directly with your business strategy.

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