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Online Marketing? Yeah, I Use That.

Online marketing is a complex and ambiguous landscape. Try asking 10 different marketers to tell you what online marketing is. You’ll probably get 10 different answers. Ask the same marketers a week later, and you’ll probably get 10 new answers. This makes sense if you just look at the American Marketing Association’s broad definition of marketing. Every time I read their definition, I feel like that was the answer they came up with when someone caught them off guard with the question, “Quick! What is marketing?” Really? Nothing about the 4 P’s? OK. So take that catch-all definition and then mix in your own broad definition of the internet and Bam! You got your definition of online marketing. 

So Are You Really Using Online Marketing, or Just Paying for It?

If you’re currently running a business, you gotta have online marketing right? It’s a must! Everyone knows that by now. For the most part. But what kind? How much? Or back to the first paragraph, What is it exactly? Enter the Snake Oil Salesman. That’s where SEO comes from. It was originally Snake Egg Oil- SEO. That part’s not true. But con artist would travel from town to town trying to sell a generic liquid as a miracle tonic. They would capitalize on people with problems but also lacked an understanding of their problem to differentiate a legitimate solution from a scam. The same thing has happened in the digital marketing world.

Where should I start?

The best starting point is clarifying your goals. Then you need to find an online marketing agency that understands the digital marketing landscape. Many smaller companies assume they can save some money by taking care of there own online marketing. And maybe they can. But unless you can answer yes to the following questions, you’ll probably be throwing money and time out the window.

Easy Questions to Determine If You Should Manage Your Own Online Marketing

Is your company already paying the tens of thousands of dollars per month in elite software licensing fees and subscriptions required to mine and analyze accurate data? Are you already paying an entire full-time marketing staff that knows how to interpret those data analytics? Have you developed partnerships and economies of scale in the online marketing landscape allowing you to outbid the majority of the market with less money? Large companies like Bridgestone and GMC might be able to answer yes, but they’re probably not reading this blog.

How Can Sympler Help my Business?

An effective online marketing strategy will include a mix of SEO, paid, and other internet marketing solutions specifically targeted toward your goals, which have been clarified by you. Our first priority is to understand your business. What are those goals? What’s the status of your current digital presence? In order to develop an effective digital marketing strategy, everyone needs to be on the same page and we make that a priority. With an understanding of where you are and where you want to go, we partner with you to create a comprehensive, customized strategy for results-driven success.

To make the most of your online marketing budget, your digital marketing strategy will be customized to fit your unique business as well as your specific goals. It doesn’t matter how broad or narrow your niche is. Sympler will provide a customized online strategy that will bring more visibility to your business. Our digital marketing capabilities are rooted in understanding consumer behavior and aligning with the right multichannel marketing mix.


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