What is Intelligent Sourcing?

Intelligent SourcingAlthough there are many creative ways to reach your potential customers, email marketing is still a vital way to target those who are the most qualified for your exceptional product or service. It is the most direct and effective way to connect with leads, nurture them, and transform them into loyal clients or consumers. And, it just happens to pair extremely well with Intelligent Sourcing.

Intelligent Sourcing is an advanced marketing service that locates the decision makers in any industry for the best direct marketing opportunities. Purchased email lists can’t compete with customized marketing intelligence tools. Each email list can achieve leads that are:

  • highly targeted
  • not recycled
  • low bounce rate
  • addressed correctly for the right decision maker
  • delivered at the most opportune time
  • designed with a personal touch

You are given the ability to market directly to the exact person, position, title, and profile of any target market, group, or person you prefer by defining:

  • the industry you wish to source
  • the goal of your campaign
  • the position or role of the person you require to reach

Sympler can provide this advanced service as well as determine additional demographic criteria including the size of the company, the location of the company, average annual revenue, product style, and more.

Engineers go on to optimize your email marketing efforts through testing and enhancing your campaign from start to finish. They have the most progressive tools to measure the percentage of delivery, open rate, click through rate, and more. By analyzing variations of email copy and other variables, they can achieve the best results while maintaining the integrity of your message and its intended purpose. Using industry research, Sympler creates your email campaign with technology that can make it more successful than you ever imagined.

Intelligent Sourcing identifies potential leads in the most qualified audiences by:

  • industry
  • position
  • age
  • company size

It allows Sympler team engineers to crawl databases, social platforms, and other resources, to find profile matches. Then they source the most valuable information based on the desired profile criteria to increase response opportunity, such as:

  • current employment
  • position
  • contact information
  • multiple C-levels within the same company to increase your response opportunity

After collecting the profiles and initial contact information, the data is cleaned and formatted for direct email marketing, then imported into a private email database or email automation platform.

Quality email copy, subject lines, calls-to-action, and more are created to test during this campaign and submitted to you for positioning analysis, recommendations, and final approval. Once approved, Sympler sends emails on your behalf to a portion of the list to see what message performs best and the remaining emails are delivered using only the best copy.

Final reporting is submitted to you with detailed analytics including:

  • opens
  • clicks
  • bounces
  • engagement rates
  • sales funnel activity
  • heat mapping
  • conversion tracking
  • social demographic information
  • and more

Sympler adheres to all CAN-SPAM laws with transparency and honesty to ensure your business is not unnecessarily penalized.

An Intelligent sourcing case study: A STORY ABOUT CHOCOLATE AND BEER 

In this real-life example, Sympler used Intelligent Sourcing and the processes above to source and contact hundreds of major breweries across the USA. The breweries were offered samples of the liquid chocolate Cholaca to infuse in their beer. This product was picked up by over 280 breweries in the first 3 months of the Intelligent Sourcing and email marketing campaign.

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