What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a single application with a suite of analytics tools that gather qualitative data. This type of data defines the online behavior of your website audience and users. Before Hotjar, if you wanted to improve your site’s user experience (UX) and increase conversion rates, it would require multiple services from various companies.
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The suite of tools included in Hotjar are:

  • heatmaps
  • funnel tracking via user interaction recordings
  • user polls
  • surveys


Hotjar reports visitor information and categorizes the data collected from desktop, tablet, and mobile previews. It can track your sales funnel process to find out where the weak points are located. It also conducts surveys to get your visitor’s valuable opinions on your service or product.

Sympler finds this application to be very valuable for understanding the behavior of their clients’ visitors. I spoke with Alison Prator who works at Hotjar as a Customer Success Manager, and she explains why it’s such a great tool for business owners and how it can be used to improve their marketing strategy.

How can Hotjar help business owners market their business better?

“Hotjar helps people understand visitor behavior on their websites with the intent to be able to improve the user experience. If your website is crucial to your business then you must make it a priority to have the smoothest experience based off of your visitors’ needs. The first step in that process is understanding what the behavior looks like today and identifying opportunities to remove pain points.”

So, when you watch recordings, you can see if your visitors are struggling with something as easy as a broken link or confusing menu?


Who is your most common type of client?

“Most common would be marketing agencies, product owners, and UX designers, but because we serve such a large amount of people, our users are pretty broad. We help business owners working solo to large enterprise teams with 1,000 users.” 

What is the biggest difference between the free version and the upgrade?

“Unlimited reporting! Meaning you can create as many Heatmaps, Recordings, Funnels, Forms, Incoming Feedback, Polls, Surveys, and Recruiters to your heart’s desire! There are also other perks like removing the Hotjar branding or access to JavaScript triggers.” 

What do your customers say is the best feature of the app and why?

“Probably recordings, because you can truly empathize with the visitor. You’re watching them struggle or rage click or wildly scroll across the page, and you can relate. It makes it easy to see why good design and UX is so important.”

What is your favorite tool or feature of the Hotjar App?

“My favorite tool is the Incoming Feedback tool because it is such an easy way to get instant visual feedback on the site. We get responses on the experience, the product, and design, and everything in between. It’s a great way to get started with feedback.” 

Hotjar is comprised of several individual tools, can you use independent features?

“Sure. For example, we allow sampling your data which helps us remain affordable and also collect only the relevant data to your project,but if you’re interested in bug tracking, you’re going to want to collect 100% of your visitors and every single session. 

The benefit from using the entire Hotjar toolset is when you do have a need for several of our tools, it is convenient and easy to manage them all from one central dashboard.” 

What industries benefit the most from using Hotjar?

“ECommerce seems really relevant. It would be hard to identify a specific industry or type of website that wouldn’t be a good fit for Hotjar because, overall, we are simply trying to understand visitor behavior and that applies to anyone with a website.” 

This tool is simple to use and inexpensive. You may be using this marketing strategy app yourself or have a marketing partner handling it. The data it provides allows corrections to be made from website design and email campaign messages, to blog content and product tweaks.


There are a few scenarios that aren’t the best fit for Hotjar, like projects that need to record every single session that lands on your page or you’re wanting to identify and collect data on specific people. Hotjar also doesn’t support mobile apps. 


However, most of us would find this tool indispensable. Hotjar measuring and recording is included in many Sympler plans. If you are looking for a marketing partner that uses Hotjar tools to help your business grow, fill out our contact form and ask some questions. You can also call us at 800•984•6248.



Alison Prator, Hotjar Customer Success Manager

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Photo Credit: Google, Hotjar images


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