The Sympler Guide to AI for SEO

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving and changing the way businesses operate and market their products and services. But what role does AI have in SEO? And more specifically, how can businesses use AI to improve their website’s search engine ranking?

The SEO experts at Sympler are here to help with answers to these questions and more. Read on to learn all about AI based SEO!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

First off, what do we mean when we say Artificial Intelligence? Without getting into the technical details, AI is actually a broad term that covers many different technologies, including machine learning and deep learning.

At their most basic level, AI systems are software programs designed to learn how to perform specific tasks on their own by analyzing large quantities of data. Most of what artificial intelligence does are things you do already, but streamlined and automated to reduce effort, time, and error.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence Important for SEO?

Artificial intelligence’s most significant role in SEO is to assist your research into your competition. By analyzing your competition’s website, you can learn what keywords they are targeting and how they are attempting to rank for them. Armed with this information, you can tweak your own artificial intelligence-generated content to better compete with them.

Keyword Extraction

One of the most common applications of AI for SEO is keyword extraction. AI can help identify which keywords are being used most frequently on a website, as well as those that are being searched for the most. This information can then be used to adjust the website’s content so that it is better optimized for those specific keywords.

It all starts with using AI to extract the most relevant keywords from your existing content and then incorporating those terms into new blog posts and web pages. For example, if your business sells dog toys, you may come up with some variations of these common phrases as potential keywords: “best chew toy”, “most durable dog toy”, or “how to choose the best toy for your dog”.

Obviously some of these terms are more competitive than others, but artificial intelligence can help you rank for all of them by generating high-quality content around each one. And artificial intelligence can help you determine which specific keywords are helping (or hurting) your site’s ranking by analyzing historical data and SERP (search engine results page) fluctuations, and can then make necessary adjustments.

Basic Content Creation

ai based seoMany marketers would agree that plenty of time and resources should be allocated to your website’s content development strategy. However, it can take years before you start seeing results from this kind of work in the form of higher rankings in the organic SERPs.

Rather than spending hours writing original articles, businesses can use AI to automatically generate pieces of content based on a set of predefined keywords. This content can then be used to improve the website’s ranking on search engines, as well as to attract more visitors.

This means AI (or smart technology) can help online businesses boost their site’s search engine ranking more quickly and effectively, especially for new or changed content, by creating a steady stream of content on a regular basis.

Organic SEO

AI can also be used to improve a website’s organic SEO. By analyzing a website’s traffic data and search engine rankings, AI can help identify which SEO tactics are working and which ones need improvement. AI can also make suggestions for new SEO tactics that could be implemented to further improve conversion rates.

Voice Search SEO

Finally, AI can also be used to optimize websites for voice search. Voice searches are becoming more prevalent, in 2017 alone over 40% of adults perform at least one voice search each day.

Because voice searches are often longer and more specific than traditional text searches, it is important to use keywords that are relevant to the business’ products and services. AI can help identify these keywords and then use them to optimize the website’s content and structure.

Key Takeaways

Keyword extraction and ranking, basic content creation, analyzing website traffic patterns, and voice search SEO are just a few of the many ways that businesses can use AI for SEO. By using AI, businesses can take their SEO efforts to a whole new level and see better results than ever before.

Remember that having a knowledgeable SEO partner in your corner is always a good idea if you’re not an SEO professional yourself. That’s why we’re here to help.

For more information about how we can help enhance and expedite your success with SEO, contact us today.

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