The Benefits of Using a Call Tracking Service

Let’s start with discussing: what exactly is call tracking? Call tracking is the process of determining the path where callers found your business. You can think of this as the old, ‘How did you hear about us?’ saying. Call tracking services can be used to provide this information on every call coming your way, along with many other benefits to grow your business.

If you’re a business owner, big or small, a call tracking service provides not only tracking lead conversions from advertising efforts, but also provides insight to the customer service team. It is nearly as important as a tool used to track visits to your website. One overall perk when it comes to using call tracking is it works for any industry. Here are a few ways that you can benefit from implementing a call tracker service to improve your everyday business needs.

Tracking your ROI

Tracking your ROI from an advertising campaign seems to be straight talk when discussing business 101 and spending money in advertising. Call tracking is a guaranteed system offering an organized way for any business running multiple campaigns to report advertising efforts. It is also a great way to discover what advertising channels are working and where to add more advertising budget on what is working to increase your business ROI.

According to CallRail, a leading call tracking provider, local or national advertising using a call tracking service can show you who is calling, how they found your business, data and insights from the call, and a direct channel to show you what advertising dollars are working to keep quality leads coming down the pipeline. Along with all of this, you are also able to see what marketing channel leads to longer duration and more in-depth calls resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Coaching and Training Tool for your Staff

When using a call tracking software system, all calls are recorded, leading to an opportunity for employee development. Reviewing the recorded phone calls provides data that can be used to expand and train your employees. Remember, you want to ensure your callers are getting the highest quality of service to keep your reputation booming. We have listed a few ways below:

·        Get insight for sales training on a product

·        Discover coaching opportunities for your team like listening skills, open ended questioning, and tone over the phone

·        Conduct training on real time phone calls coming in like ‘how to convert a lead into a sale’

·        Build employee morale by highlighting recorded conversions, and conduct employee’s performance reviews on how they are handling clients calls and lead calls

·        Identify the number of closed leads from phone calls

·        Identify the number of missed opportunities from phone calls

Identify Problems, Products, and Target Audience

Call tracking is a great discovery tool. From the recorded calls you can identify information customers are wanting or products they prefer. You can also receive data from call tracking reporting that provides demographic information on your target audience. Determining who and where your market lives is valuable information for your business and marketing efforts.

Peak calling times

Another benefit of using a call tracking service is that you can identify high volume days broken down to the hour. This can help with controlling expenses on the staffing side of the business, as well as having the most talented employees available during high call times, leading to an increase in conversions.

And lastly, have we mentioned call tracking works GREAT with SEO efforts?

On digital marketing campaigns the call tracking number is installed on the backend of your company’s website. For example, in a Google Adwords pay per click campaign you would add a tracking number to see what traffic is coming to your website from Google Adword efforts. You can use the call tracking reporting to identify which landing pages attract customers and the path of keyword search terms in real time. This way you can target exactly what searchers are looking to find, leading to a quicker call to action from a website visit. If a customer is searching for an answer to a specific question, from the recorded call, you can refine your FAQ’s on your website or add more content regarding the answer to their search. Google ranks websites based on relevancy of information that is displayed and how well the website answers the questions consumers are asking.

Wondering where to start? Here is a list of top companies for call tracking software services to check out. If you are working with a digital marketing agency see if they have one they recommend using that would integrate with their reporting tools.

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