Personalization In Social Media

Personalization In Social Media

Personalization is at the heart of social media. 


With users being able to choose who and what to follow based on their own unique interests, it is now more important than ever for businesses to be delivering the right content to the right users at the right time. 


Personalization can not only increase the performance of your ads but also strengthen the relationship you have with your customers. 


Hiring a digital marketing agency that is experienced in social media advertising and targeting is vital to your business’s success in an ever evolving market. The Sympler team leverages a variety of tools and information in order to create custom social experiences specifically designated for your target audience. 


Continue reading for our top 5 tips for personalizing social media campaigns.



Get To Know Your Customers


Knowing your customers in detail allows you to develop not just the right targeting, but also the right messaging and graphics that will speak to your customers on a deeper, more personal level than you could with a single ad or broad target.


The first step in personalizing your social media campaign is getting to know your customers. Asking yourself questions like: Where do my customers live? What do they do for work? What is their typical income range? Level of education? Are they parents? Do they have any interests or hobbies I am aware of? Is there anything else unique about my customers? What other industries or products align with my business? And so on. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Get Personal


Storytellers make emotional connections. Today’s consumers are less sensitive to sales promises and banner advertisements. Now more than ever, people strive to invest in a brand’s story.


Social media is the perfect place to introduce your brand, tell your story, make emotional connections with customers, and establish brand loyalty early on in the sales funnel. Whether you want to highlight what makes your company unique, share customer success stories and testimonials, or even create a fully immersive experience – don’t be afraid to get personal and connect with consumers on a deeper level. For more information about storytelling check out these 7 examples of storytelling content you can use in your marketing campaigns.


Leverage Audience Targeting Tools


Facebook Audiences not only allows you to create audiences based on customer lists, website visitors, and anyone who interacts with your Facebook page or posts, but they also have a powerful tool called ‘Lookalike Audiences’ which uses artificial intelligence to match the characteristics of your specific audiences and find other Facebook users who have similar interests, habits, demographics and more. 


Leveraging Facebook Audiences combined with additional detailed targeting allows for greater accuracy in your personalization and targeting efforts, and even allows businesses who may not know much about their customers yet to still have access to detailed audience targeting. 


Use Retargeting Campaigns


Just as important as establishing an initial connection with potential customers is, is the follow up. Staying in front of users who have visited your site is vital to your success in ultimately earning their business. Reminding customers about the products or services they viewed, displaying your company’s value vs. the competition, and even offering a discount or additional incentive are all successful tactics for a retargeting campaign.


Now is the time that personalization is more important than ever in the sales cycle. If a potential customer was looking at pickup trucks, you wouldn’t want to deliver them ads featuring a small sedan, right? This same concept translates across all industries equally. You want to show the customer that you understand their specific needs and highlight how your products or services can solve their problems. 


Analyze, Analyze, Analyze! (And Test)


The final step in ensuring the ultimate personalization in your social media campaigns is to analyze the results and continually refine your ads. Do females interact with your ads more than males? What age groups convert more often? What time of day or day of the week are you seeing the most conversions? What devices are they using? 


You don’t just have to settle for refining your audiences by narrowing your targeting and reach – it could be that your ad just doesn’t resonate with certain demographics! Try creating different ads for males vs. females. Younger populations vs. older populations. Using different landing pages for desktop users vs. mobile users and more.



Finding the perfect personalization and targeting can be a long road, but also a very rewarding and lucrative road when done right. With new targeting concepts such as programmatic advertising and geo-fencing on the rise alongside advertising platforms rewarding highly relevant content over less relevant content – personalization is only going to continue to become more and more important to successful advertising campaigns.

Sounds like a lot of work? The Sympler team is here to help! Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most – running your business. Get a free analysis and see how we can help you scale your business!

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