Importance of Site Backlinking

Importance of Site Backlinking.

All backlinks are not created equal and quality backlinks can be hard to come by. The goal in achieving high-quality backlinks is by seeking out and engaging with (through posts, relationships, and more) high-quality sites that contain a link that points back to your website. Seeing that you are being talked about or linked from a high-quality website builds Google’s trust and often increases online search engine visibility and placement.

Links from reputable and relevant sites carry far more weight than links from spammy or irrelevant sites. Google pays more attention to the intent of a link rather than the specific wording or phrasing of it, meaning that “learn more” or “click here” can be just as valuable on a website as link text with optimized keywords.

What makes a backlink high quality?

  • Relevant to your niche
  • Is from a trusted website
  • Sends in referring traffic
  • Is embedded in the content of the site, not listed in a sidebar
  • Is not paid or reciprocal
  • Is located near other high-quality links
  • Is from a variety of sources
  • Helps your page rank increase

Having at least one backlink is necessary and having many backlinks is even better, but there is no optimal number of backlinks. This is a quality over quantity play. The number you need will greatly depend on the SEO of your site as a whole as well as the strength and influence of the sites that are linking to you.

Although there are many good inbound link building strategies, there are definitely a few bad ones. Engaging in these tactics can end up getting your site de-indexed from search engines. Some refer to these improper methods as “black hat”.

Automated link building uses third-party software to create fake profiles and post random comments with links on any website that does not heavily restrict comments.

Another black hat practice is the purchasing of links. This is strictly forbidden by Google. There are many low-quality directory sites on the internet that request small fees to have your listing included—avoid these sites like the plague.

Sympler helps build quality backlinks to your site quickly so that your pages can rank higher in search engine results pages while remaining compliant with Google’s link standards.

  • We run an analysis of all the websites that list you in their directory. We are able to see the number of directories that list you correctly, incorrectly or are missing. We then go into those sites and make sure your business appears correctly.
  • We also add photos, promotions or coupons if you have them available. This helps in your listing appear more authoritative.

Letting Sympler create quality backlinks to your site will save you time, generate higher ranking and drive more leads to your site.

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