Google’s 2021 June Core Algorithm Update: What We Know So Far

Google’s algorithm changes constantly–several times a day, in fact. These daily updates are mostly minor and have little effect on search engine rankings. However, Google’s core algorithm updates that are released every few months can and often do have a much more noticeable influence in website rankings. Google states that they provide confirmation of these major core updates–this is intended to give SEOs and webmasters fair notice to research the latest guidelines, and adjust their SEO strategies and priorities accordingly. Click here to see what Google says about core algorithm updates.

Google’s latest core update rolled out this Summer. This update involved two main parts, with the first occurring in June and the second in July. As with any Google update, SEO experts are expecting noticeable changes that could impact clients in a variety of ways. How great will the impact be? Here’s what we know so far.

The June Update

On June 2, 2021, Google released the first part of its long-awaited (and in some circles dreaded) summer Core Algorithm Update. According to the search giant, like most other updates, these recent changes were designed to ensure that search results continue to provide relevant and authoritative content.

In a statement about the core update, Google also asserted that “most sites won’t notice either of these updates, as is typical with any core updates.” In reality, however, core updates do tend to have big ramifications, and it can take time to determine exactly what these consequences will be and who they will affect most.

What We Learned

Within a few weeks of the update, it became clear that both search and desktop results saw similar changes in volatility. When we say volatility, we are referring to fluctuations, either up or down, in search results. The top five industries that saw the greatest change were travel, science, pets, autos and health. Among specific niches, it seems that travel and retail were hit a bit harder while the health niche showed a bit less volatility in most cases.

And while Google assured us that very few websites would even notice any changes after the June Core Algorithm Update, there were some clear winners and losers. Among the lucky few who saw positive results after the update included, and a variety of travel and health sites. Among the so-called losers included, and several other big brands. At the same time, there were undoubtedly tens of thousands of smaller businesses that saw surprising improvements or shocking declines in their search results due in part to the June update.

The July Update

In the weeks following the June update, SEO experts noted substantial rank fluctuations in forums and a variety of thin-content websites. At the same time, some larger companies with a lot of informative, relevant content were also affected. According to Google, it was possible that a small segment of content might see volatility in June that reverses in July’s update.

As promised, Google released the second part of its Core Algorithm Update in early July. While it’s still a bit too soon to recognize the full impact of this second update, it seems clear that many businesses continue to see disappointing drops in their search rankings and organic visibility.

The Bottom Line

Despite what Google says, SEO companies who manage a lot of sites tend to see plenty of changes within Google search results after a major Core Algorithm Update. With that said, reputable, experienced professionals generally know how to repair any damage. Bear in mind that core updates are essentially designed to filter out low-quality, low-effort content from the SERPs and reward websites that regularly produce informative, relevant content.

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If this latest core update has caused your page to drop in the search rankings, Google is essentially saying they believe other pages are more relevant based on the most recent updates they’ve implemented to improve their ranking algorithm.

What if You’ve Been Impacted?

Were you dinged by the June or July Core Update? Fortunately, Google has previously offered guidance on how to recover from a major algorithm update, and these tips remain relevant today. To maintain organic visibility and remain resilient against future updates, businesses should:

Focus on delivering relevant, valuable content.
Ensure correct grammar, spelling, and overall readability.
Produce informative content that covers topics in-depth better than competing articles.
Ensure that headings and page titles are not misleading or over-optimized.
Address each topic explicitly in a way that meets user expectations.
Compile a strong, reputable backlink profile by producing quality content.

Most of all, it’s important to remember that Google is a business. As such, the search giant will always seek to reward websites that provide content with high relevance that keeps users coming back to Google for their search queries.

Getting Support

If you think you may have been negatively impacted by the Google Algorithm Update of June and July 2021, you may need to re-evaluate your strategies and content to ensure that you are providing a positive user experience.

As always, when facing a core algorithm update, business owners are best prepared when they have a reliable SEO partner to guide them through any major changes that may occur. Sympler’s SEO team has developed a rigorous process that closely monitors Google updates and ensures that our clients’ websites are prepared to navigate and conquer any negative impacts.

In an ever-evolving climate, it’s important to have a knowledgeable partner that will allow you to cope with shifting winds without missing a beat. At Sympler, we create and harness dynamic marketing technology to provide tailored solutions based on your unique challenges and goals as a business. Our proprietary, AI-driven software streamlines campaign data to provide efficient and superior insights that outmatch our fiercest competitors in the digital marketing space. Read our case studies to see some real-world examples of how we’ve helped our clients increase their web traffic, conversions, and profit margins.

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