Google Serves Up a New Way to Verify Your Online Presence

If your business has a website, YouTube channel, or any other online asset, it’s probably something that can be located through a web search using Google. As sites and online media get more and more popular, Google assigns them a Knowledge Panel – a quick, at-a-glance window of key facts related to whatever search term was used.
Search users rely on the Knowledge Panel to get basic information about a business, from operating hours to consumer reviews, and more. Google often uses site metadata, index pages, or other site pages to derive this information – but, it might not always be accurate.

Verify to Modify

The information contained in the Knowledge Panel for your business may not contain the most up-to-date facts about who you are as a company. This can hurt your brand and create confusion among your customers, but it’s avoidable through verification and modification of bad data.
Once you verify your authority to manage your online presence through a simple verification process administered by google, you’ll be able to suggest changes to your Knowledge Panel, including the graphics that are used in its presentation to the search user. Here again lies another opportunity to improve your branding message.
Keep in mind that your communication to Google about your Knowledge Panel is just a suggestion, but when suggestions come from verified accounts, they carry a lot of weight.
The steps involved in verification are easy. Just…

  1. Find yourself or your business online using a Google search.
  2. Locate the Knowledge Panel with key information about your business.
  3. Click on the link next to the text, Do you manage the online presence for [name]?
  4. Go through the verification steps.
  5. Submit your change recommendations.

Google has stated that the entire process shouldn’t take longer than a few days, and most recommendations from verified online presence managers are evaluated within 24 to 48 hours of their submission.

Broaden Your Reach with Smart Site Strategy

Utilizing the Knowledge Panel to improve an online company profile  is only one of many ways Sympler can help to leverage the power of thoughtful digital marketing for our clients. Let us help you take your business to greater heights through SEO, content development solutions, and more. Get in touch with us today.


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