Closing The Sale • Following Up on Marketing Efforts

If you are a business owner, you are probably often perplexed by how sales and marketing work. How do you get more leads? How do you convert those leads into profitable customers? How do you get customers to come back? These are all great questions!

Sympler, or any marketing company, should take care of the first half of the process: helping to bring in quality prospects which we vet most times based on what they search or a demographic profile communicated to us.

Yet, there is a hard truth that many businesses can find frustrating. These businesses invest their budget in a form of marketing, whether it’s digital marketing or more traditional venues such as direct mail, radio, billboards, etc. These businesses are expecting some type of business growth to come from it. That’s the hope behind all marketing.

After the marketing has been launched and some time has passed, the business owners assess the effectiveness of the marketing to the best of their ability and may conclude that they have not received the results they had hoped for. For example, perhaps not as many potential customers who saw the advertising “converted” to paying customers.

Why does this happen sometimes?

First, we need to state this one hard truth overtly:

No Marketing Can Guarantee Sales.

It’s that simple.

Marketing is the act of attempting to influence thought or behavior. It is always an experiment, usually based on search trends, culture, market expectations, and data. Marketing relies on an unknown portion of someone’s brain responding to influence, to the marketing efforts. The decision to buy something [or not] always rests on the will of the potential customer.

Sympler has developed proven, proprietary methods to bring highly-qualified visitors to your site in industry-leading timeframes. We know that the people coming to your site through our Search Engine Optimization [SEO] and Paid Advertising campaigns are genuinely interested in your product or service. We know, in general, what kind of people they are: what their age, gender, geographic area, and interests are. We can also filter them by what they search.

If you owned a coffee shop, as your marketing partner, we can conduct well-researched digital marketing services to bring you people who are interested in coffee shops in your area, and even people searching for terms like “coffee shops near me.” To go a step further, if you desired, we could advertise and serve 20% coffee coupons strictly to a specific group such as “stay-at-home moms who are between the ages of 25 and 45 and like technology.” We can even track how many are downloaded or contact you!

What your marketing partner can’t do is promise they will show up at your store or buy anything.

This is where a marketing company will hand the baton to you to close the sale.

Why didn’t they buy?

This is a great question. While Sympler focuses on creating a magnet for your target market, we also rely and refer other partners like quality web designers if we believe the site needs work, or storytellers if data shows us that 90% of the potential customers looking for coffee near me leave within 2 seconds of hitting your front page. These partners can help complete the customer journey to increase conversion rates and in-store visits. Without Sympler’s data, those companies would have to only use their opinion and what has worked in the past. Of course, it’s up to our clients to make the recommended changes or hire a partner company we recommend. When necessary, our partners can complement our work tremendously to allow business owners to focus on what they do best, in this case, serve a warm latte with a heart design in the froth to all of the leads who found the coffee shop online and chose to come in and relax.

What if this happens to you?

Sympler will provide suggestions on things that could help you figure out better ways of getting people to respond, to buy, from you. We provide a user experience [UX] analysis to help you determine some possible updates to your website to make it more appealing. We provide visitor recordings and heat maps to show how people are currently using your site and suggest ways to fix any places they may be getting lost or reasons they may be leaving before making a purchase.

In the coffeeshop example, this would be like us letting you know that perhaps your decor could be more inviting, your menu isn’t easy to read, your baristas are not dressed professionally, etc.

In conclusion, we are here to help our partners grow and will be with you through the whole journey. We will do everything in our power to help you succeed. After all, the more you succeed, the more we thrive as a company as well.

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