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Steel Lighting is a digitally native company specializing in modern barn, farmhouse and industrial lighting. Steel Lighting takes pride in their old fashioned craftsmanship and their team that creates quality lights every day that outlast fast-moving stages of life and decor trends. Sympler’s task was to share this quality with the entire world of internet shoppers and enthusiasts. The core focus was brand building and an aggressive increase in online sales.

Our challenge

Supporting an already successful Amazon store

We started by working to get the company out of the “sandbox” to rank more aggressive on Google, while competing side-by-side with an existing store on Amazon. We integrated e-commerce tracking by source product, country, demographic and onsite behavior to determine our strategy and steer machine learning towards the largest amount of sales at the lowest acquisition cost.

The results

Digital Advertising:

  • We successfully increased clicks and qualified digital ad traffic by 93.94% while decreasing the cost per click by 54.47%.
  • In one year, we decreased the cost per acquisition for the organization by 47.02%. Overall, our efforts helped Steel Lighting increase their leads captured through digital paid ads by 66.67%.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • We successfully increased organic traffic by 500.52% while increasing organic ranking on Google over 2,776.71%.
  • In one year, we increased the company’s organic revenue generated by SEO by 716.59% and increased its overall organic traffic value to the site by 15,035%, the highest organic search traffic the company had recorded on Google analytics.

Detailed Report



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Site structure
  • Product descriptions
  • Basic SEO plugin
  • Active on Instagram and Amazon
  • Beneficial UX



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Advanced organic SEO strategy implemented (on + off-site white-hat Tier 2 link building)
  • Google Merchant Center integration and management
  • On-site micro tagging, site speed optimization, and advanced conversion tracking
  • In-depth Click ID Conversion Tracking by source product, state, demographic and onsite behavior
  • Reverse IP address analysis to identify interest for retargeting
  • Multi-Platform ad campaigns optimized by product, state and buyer interests
  • Nationwide Search Engine Marketing

ROI From Our Services

steel lighting ROI from SEO

Keywords On The First Page

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Monthly Visitors (Average)

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Digital Ad Impressions Share

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PPC Click-Through Rate

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Visitor Retention Increase

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