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An established midwest-based furniture manufacturer saw an opportunity for growth by introducing a new line of modern eclectic products. Having been in business for some time, they had a solid understanding of their business, products, and target audience based on their current offerings. However, unlike their conventional offerings, the new products were to be offered through a dedicated eCommerce brand, which they were new to.

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Our challenge

Uncover new audiences

The challenge was to leverage the trust and recognition of their established business to reach a new (and as yet undefined) demographic, and launch a new upscale and contemporary eCommerce brand. While the client had extensive experience in the furniture retail space, they had limited experience in eCommerce and partnered with Sympler. Sympler was tasked with market research to uncover the target audience, discover how best to generate awareness of the new brand, and educate the client on the competition in the space. Sympler was also enlisted to provide data that would inform their internal steps by gauging demand for our client’s new product and providing a roadmap to engagement.

Our approach

Analyze and Strategize

After an in-depth strategy session with our client to get an understanding of their business, we conducted a market research study on behalf of our client.

We analyzed first the clients’ offerings and identified key differentials with other businesses in that space. We also conducted a UX review to make sure the website was positioned correctly to their prospects, and that their value proposition was clearly articulated to their prospects. Using attributes of their current clients and augmenting those attributes with likely characteristics of new prospects we built profiles of their perfect clients along with a lexicon of key terms that spoke to the intent of likely prospects.

The results

Our client was able to use our clarity in market research to make decisions that would impact their business. With data in hand, the client was able to make sense of the marketplace and introduce specific products that resonated with their new audience. Our client was also educated in eCommerce and how it would supplement their current offerings and had a strategic marketing plan to implement. 

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