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Mile High Hot Tubs 

Grew by $2.6mm in less than 2 years.

Personal Experience Journal:

I’m Kyler Frey. I’m the owner at Mile High Hot Tubs. We are one of Denver’s leading providers of hot tubs. In the day of age where everything is digital and everything is online. If you don’t have digital marketing you’re just a storefront and you’re waiting for people to come in.

We kind of started out with that for the first three months and we’re like holy cow there’s tons of people in the parking lot out here but they’re not here for us. I found out about Sympler online. For us it was a quick decision. We needed to set a spark. They actually came in here and gave me of an idea of what I should expect. Showed us where we were organically already. For us it was we need to get ranking on SEO.

A couple months of SEO targeting, a little bit of Google paid ads, and then we started going after Facebook ads and things like that. It’s like turning on a light switch. Kicking on the Facebook ads turned a slow weekend into a unbearably busy weekend and now we have an army of great customers and new family members because of that.

That’s the biggest thing as a business owner is you want to bring people in to help you take work off of your plate and it really was just a handoff basically and they took care of us, and they still take care of us. Sympler basically promises satisfaction.

So, if you’re not happy, they’re not happy. It’s kind of the way my company runs. I have recommended Sympler several times and I think I always will. Working with them has been a delight.


AdvantEdge Training

Grew this company by 680% in 1 year

Personal Experience Journal:

My name is Jenny Doris. The company is AdvantEdge training and consulting. I’m the owner and the President of the company. I started with Sympler in 2016. So, things that make Sympler stand out, obviously first and foremost is they deliver results.

Right, that’s the number one thing. They make sure that you are the one that people find and they have lots of different ways of doing that. But the other thing is they are fantastic at reporting and transparency and giving you tons of data. A business owner will never feel like they’re in the dark on what sympler is doing, about how they’re performing, about how you know the services are increasing their business.

So, they do a phenomenal job about that and they’re always responsive. They have an account manager that’s meeting with you every month and conveying stuff back and forth to their team. So, they do a great job on communication. They are always on top of things. I mean Google changes their algorithms every two weeks and they’ve got over 200 things that they change. So, I mean it’s nothing that one person can stay up on and they have tons of people that are always learning all the different nuances and able to address that and change as needed.

One thing that’s also unique about Sympler is it’s not just the SEO services that they offer. They offer a whole range of other digital marketing services. So, everything from paid per ads or different kind of mailing campaigns. They do all different types of things so it’s not just a one solution SEO. They actually have the whole package and then you can scale based on whatever you want.

So, they have a lot of options for you. I don’t need a salesperson because I have Sympler and I have good SEO. If you rank high people call you. You don’t need to go out and find them. So, I don’t need to do any marketing or sales other than Sympler.

So, it’s very important to have that if you want people to find you and search for you and call you.


Broadway Plastic Surgery Center 

Grew new patient pipeline by $4.6mm in 3 years.

Personal Experience Journal:

My name is David Broadway. I’m a plastic surgeon. We’ve been in this particular practice for about 26 years. I think our practice is easy to find because we’re on the internet broadwayplasticsurgery.com.

We have a presence on multiple platforms and social media platforms. All you have to do is search for us. It has become almost an essential for us to rely on an SEO company like Sympler. Prior to working with Sympler, it seemed like SEO was sort of a black box.

We just poured money into it, and I didn’t think we were getting the return on investment that I was looking for. I actually heard about Tyler Horsley and Sympler from a very close friend of mine who referred me on to them and I was able to contact Tyler and get involved with Sympler. I’ve seen the practice grow. I’ve seen our presence on the internet get better. I’ve seen the SEO investment pay off.

I think one of the things that I’ve appreciated about Sympler is their responsiveness. If we have a question or if we have a concern, they are on the phone. They’re willing to come in and meet with me. They usually have an answer.

They have a solution to your problem. Those are the reasons that they’ve been easy to work with.

I would recommend Sympler to anyone that wants to expand their presence on the internet.