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The #1 personal injury firm in Los Angeles, West Coast Trial Lawyers, believes that everyone is entitled to justice. For more than 30 years, the firm’s been changing lives by helping injury victims across the state of California recover compensation for their injuries. They’ve represented celebrity clients like Carmen Electra, Johnny Manziel, and people from all walks of life who have been victimized by unlawful or unsafe conduct.

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Our challenge

Competing against the best

Sympler’s job was to compete in L.A. for personal injury related terms, the most competitive space in the USA for this industry. We focused on aggressively increasing the number of organic / Google maps leads surrounding qualified and related search terms like “Lyft and Uber accident attorney, truck and car accident attorney,” and many more.

Our approach

Outranking the best in the business

Sympler used, by request, a proprietary method developed internally to outrank other competitors and hide the backlinks created from all 3rd parties and qualified SEO tools used in the industry. The core focus here was not only to win in the space but to hide our process from competitors monitoring the organization’s presence online 24/7. Sympler ran digital advertising efforts, Google map ads, local ranking and multi-map ranking SEO strategies with comprehensive call tracking and recording set up for the firm to carefully track new clients and the source of the lead. This was a fun venture for the team at Sympler to use the “big guns” that many partners cannot afford. This was a phenomenal and well-educated team to work with.

The results

Digital Advertising

  • Sympler successfully increased clicks and qualified digital ad traffic by 331.41%
    while decreasing the cost per click by 65.92%.
  • In one year, Sympler decreased the cost per acquisition for the organization by 66.17%.
  • Overall, Sympler’s efforts helped WCTL increase their leads captured through digital paid ads by 330.40%.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Sympler successfully increased organic traffic by 454.56% while increasing organic ranking on Google over 183.9%.
  • In one year, Sympler increased the number of organic leads generated by 22.54% and increased their overall organic traffic value to the site by 141.27%, the highest organic search traffic and best performing cost per acquisition channel the company had recorded on Google analytics.

Detailed Report



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Nonexistent Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Basic On-site SEO (Meta, Tags, Headers, etc)
  • Weak On-site Content
  • Disjointed Social media presence
  • Poor Domain Authority
  • Rudimentary Google Analytics (Traffic, Bounce Rate, etc)
  • Poorly-performing paid ad spend



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Long-tail Keyword Strategy Implemented
  • Conversion Tracking Integration
  • Backlinking High Page Rank, Reputable Sources in the Industry
  • Paid Ad Campaign Building w/ Click-to- Call Tracking
  • Grew Social Engagement & Reviews
  • E-ttorney live chat implementation
  • Google Compliance Building
  • Search Engine Marketing on 80+ Industry-Relevant Channels (including Online, Mobile, and Maps)

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