John Atencio

Content Marketing | SEO

People from all over the world have come to appreciate the unique designs and offerings of our client who has local jewelry stores in exclusive locations around the metropolitan area. This distinguished jeweler and designer has an established and loyal following that has matured and grown with them. While there are many choices for custom jewelry, the clients’ award-winning jewelry and brand recognition was a key differential needed to continue growth.

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Our challenge

Standing out from the crowd

One of the clients’ most important goals was to grow their business by reaching new prospects so augmenting their marketing efforts with Sympler’s digital marketing expertise was the first order of business. Given the highly competitive nature of their industry it was a challenge to stand out from the crowd and build awareness around their products. Additionally attracting the attention of a newer and more diverse demographic (younger, more web savvy, comparative) required a sophisticated review of the online presence of their established brand and a pivot to the intentions of a broader yet more targeted audience.

Our approach

Identifying the golden goose

Partnering with Sympler networking provided our client the expertise to get an accurate view of where they stood in their marketplace. An in-depth competitive analysis provided clear insights into what products were driving growth and how to market those products to the intent of their users. Additionally, identifying and deconstructing their competition provided deeper insight into what activities their competitors were doing well (and poorly) to leverage to our advantage. Sympler also identified key terms prospects were using and took steps to build trust with Google for our client to position them for growth.

The results

By deeply connecting our client with both new and returning users’ intent we were able to achieve incredible and sustainable growth. Our proprietary Search Engine Optimization methodology created a winning collaboration with our clients marketing goals and sales increased not only to their local physical stores but also an enhanced eCommerce profile dramatically improved online sales nationwide sales. We have grown and remained partners to this day!

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