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If first impressions are everything, then making a good one is the driving passion of our client. It’s often in the details, which in this case is lashes. Lashes and their subscription business model lend themselves to a very loyal audience. Typically this audience is upscale and fashion savvy and often driven by trends that, when identified, lead to a mutually rewarding relationship. Very broadly segmented, the audience is predominantly
female with a broad demographic of teens and beyond.

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Our challenge

Selling the benefits

While to our client the offerings seemed obvious “membership equals more and cheaper recurring eye lashes”, educating new prospects to this value proposition had been a fruitless endeavour that left our client discouraged. One of the most important goals for our client was to define the growth opportunities in their business and market its unique membership proposition to new prospects. (The membership model is where prospects sign up for a membership which gives them several lash refills vs a one off lash install). Practically this meant selling the benefits of membership to walk-in customers. While this functioned it was highly inefficient as most walk-in (and online) customers are looking for a deal or a one-off experience for their lash needs.

Our approach

Getting the right information in the right hands

Partnering with Sympler provided our client with expertise to provide a clear view of the prospect and their intent. After doing a thorough review of our clients value proposition we were able to perform advanced audience targeting to identify their prospects. Once the audience was identified we created Ad copy to articulate and resonate the obviousness of our client’s value proposition to targeted prospects. Concurrently, we launched an optimized local campaign to drive foot traffic to our clients storefront, increasing our clients’ local visibility. Our clients’ Local SEO campaign awareness and engagement metrics rose significantly.


Increase for Website Impressions


Increase in Phone Calls


Increase in Direction Requests

The results

Our client saw amazing returns on their campaign that we had to routinely turn off our marketing for the client to keep up with demand. This included over 700+ total phone calls and direction requests per month!

Our client is a satisfied long term partner we have the pleasure to grow with and their store routinely outperforms similar franchises.

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