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Builder Reaps Benefits of Advanced Strategies for Inbound, SEO, SEM, Paid Ads and Retargeting – Resulting in Most Profitable Year-to-Date. Sympler Captures 92% of Untapped Optimization Opportunities.

Our challenge

Outranking competitors in one of the most saturated markets for home construction

With offices in three cities within a part of the Midwest nicknamed “tornado alley”, our client found themselves in a sea of new construction companies and storm chasers hoping to cash in on their market. With the storm chasers came big pocket books for digital advertising, causing our client to reach out to our team for strategies and implementation for SEO, SEM and retargeting.

Our approach

Optimize, measure, and build

  • Measure and optimize the best converting keywords in paid ad campaign
  • Optimize onsite conversion rates while decreasing overall online marketing spend
  • Capture 92% of optimization opportunities that were missing
  • Position client in more than 60 referring local channels
  • Build associated backlinks to the most reputable resources in the industry to drive credibility and channel social engagement to the domain
  • Increase social shares to increase trust by Google and build domain authority
  • Use our 90-point process to transform a site with poor authority into fully-Google-compliant, highly optimized web presence with excellent performance

The results

SEO, SEM and Retargeting Metrics 

  • Gained an ROI from our efforts by 9.3x
  • Boosted builder’s website’s total visibility in local search by an average of 200%
  • Increased onsite conversion rate by 400%
  • Extended online marketing channels and web presence by positioning the client on every major search engine, mobile app and map
  • Transformed underperforming site into Google-compliant asset with high conversions
  • Conducted in-depth competitive analysis to deconstruct competitor strategies in the local market for SEO, SEM, paid ad strategies and retargeting. Systematically gained share

Detailed Report



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Basic On-site SEO (Meta, Tags, Headers, etc)
  • Weak Onsite Content
  • Poor Domain Authority
  • Nonexistent Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Rudimentary Google Analytics (Traffic, Bounce Rate, etc)
  • Poorly-performing Paid Ad Spend
  • Disjointed Social Media Presence



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Backlinking High Page Rank, Reputable Sources in the Industry
  • Grew Social Engagement & Reviews
  • Long-tail Keyword Strategy Implemented
  • Google Compliance Building
  • Paid Ad Campaign Building w/ Click-to-Call Tracking
  • Search Engine Marketing on 80+ Industry-Relevant Channels (including Online, Mobile, and Maps)
  • Conversion Tracking Integration

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