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We found soft spots in the competitive marketplace and built a digital marketing strategy that captured untapped demand in the marketplace and grew revenues by 273% in 1 year.

Business problems solved:

Crafting strategies and tactics for a new industry

  • Company was working in a newer industry and didn’t have a proper marketing roadmap
  • We were able to help the company find the needs in their market and position them as the immediate solution in our branding and copy
  • Company didn’t have a brand that could properly connect and communicate with its target market. We were able to work directly with our web dev partner to better brand and position the client to better engage its audience and communicate its benefits
  • Due to rudimentary tracking and marketing allocation, it was hard to quantify ROI and determine which tactics worked and which did not
  • Introduced key performance measurements and rapidly expanded our reach into new local and national markets
  • Integrated search engine marketing and identified credible referral channels to feed quality leads into the onsite pipeline
  • Generated and leveraged online testimonials onto key platforms to increase credibility
  • Successfully launched additional program offerings to local and national markets without increasing the marketing budget

Technical problems solved:

  • The incumbent online marketing company was using rudimentary SEO approaches that only scraped the surface of what was possible
  • Identified keyword opportunities and backlinking strategies to become the highest ranking school in search for related geolocated searches
  • Built Marketing optimization from the ground up
  • Company had little-to-no positive reputation in the industry. We were able to grow this through branding and positioning, key performance measurement, and communicate our finding through content marketing.
  • Full inbound marketing strategy was planned and carried out using, paid ads, remarketing, social media, and demographic profiling, which equated to 80% of new revenue

The results

  • ROI on Sympler Services: 58.4x
  • Year End Project Revenue: $3.7M
  • 14-year-old company grew 273% in one year with Sympler
  • Built a digital marketing strategy that scaled overall reach 10-fold, using SEO, paid ads, retargeting, press releases, blogging, and newsletters
  • Ranked website 1st on Google for 100+ highly searched keywords
  • Quadrupled the number of quality leads/applicants
  • Gross revenue grew 273% in the span of a year without having to increase marketing spending
  • Paid ad and retargeting campaigns were optimized to generate 132% ROI

Detailed Report



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Weekly email newsletter
  • Basic Google Analytics (traffic, bounce rate, etc)
  • Poorly performing paid ad spend
  • Disjointed social media



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Inbound Marketing Execution Plan
  • Competitive Deconstruct
  • Branding and positioning and improved onsite UX
  • Multi-Platform Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Advanced SEO (On-site + Off-site)
  • Global Search Engine Marketing
  • “360 ̊ Opportunity Radar” for New Market Discovery
  • Full-Service Content Marketing Integration (social media, landing pages, newsletters, blog article and press releases)
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: conversion tracking, demographic analysis, re-marketing analysis

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