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Dr. Broadway is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has been practicing Denver cosmetic surgery in Colorado for over 20 years. He owns four practices and has been ranked among the top 15 plastic surgeons in the world. His team offers a blend of experience, surgical talent, & cutting-edge techniques in Denver plastic surgery.

Our challenge

Taking on competitors across the nation 

Sympler’s job was to promote all four practices and grow them all both locally and nationally utilizing demographic and income targeting strategies as well as monitoring online search behaviors for strategic display advertising placement.

Our approach

Rebuilding from the ground up

Sympler successfully maneuvered and assisted Broadway’s organization with the rebuild of and transfer of four new websites, a killer of many organization’s SEO if not handled correctly. Following the new site builds, re-directs and link health management, Sympler focused on building over 80 industry-friendly maps and listings for all four practices and ranking them all first on Google locally and nationally for high quality, highly-competitive search terms. This drove qualified traffic that converted to new client meetings and patient conversions. At the date of this post, Sympler is currently driving over 137 leads/mo, with an average close rate of 50%, and our client is enjoying an estimated 18x+ ROI on their marketing investment with Sympler. 

The results

Digital Advertising

  • Sympler successfully increased clicks and qualified digital ad traffic by 13.15% and click-through-rates by 461.36%.

  • In one year, Sympler increased the on-site conversion rate for the organization by 52.65%. Overall, Sympler’s efforts helped Broadway increase their leads captured through digital paid ads by 72.73%.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Sympler successfully increased organic traffic by 425.3% while increasing organic ranking on Google over 702%. 

  • In one year, Sympler increased the number of organic leads generated by 180.39% and increased their overall organic traffic value to the site by 911.76%, the highest organic search traffic and best-performing cost per acquisition channel the company had on record since it’s opening.

ROI From Our Services

ROI from our services

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