Bioceutical Company Case Study

Digital advertising | Advanced SEO | Google ads | Retargeting | Reverse IP analysis

A Growing Bioceutical Company was missing 85% of available optimization practices. Global growth stalled for B2B (wholesale) & B2C (eCommerce) channels before the company contacted our team

Our challenge

Serving a complex market

Not only was the client serving a complex market, but they were doing so with a complex mix of brands and channels that their audience found difficult to understand. The client’s last agency left them with much to be desired, only implementing basic functions like light Google Analytics, basic SEO plugins, and some meta-tagging missing 85% of ethical optimization methods.

Our approach

Optimize, measure, and build

  • Optimize conversions for visitors from Brazil, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canada
  • Provide marketing automation consulting
  • Analyze the highest returning marketing channels, and implement tactics to better appeal to and remarket to those targets
  • Capture 100% inbound potential opportunities
  • Optimize landing pages, paid ads, remarketing, social media & demographic profiling
  • Launch digital campaign in three languages (English, Portuguese, and Japanese)
  • Implement click IDs to track complex behavior and transactions by demographic, channel, country and individual product – integrating insights from PPC advertising
  • Analyze the highest returning B2C marketing channels and implement tactics to better appeal to and remarket to those targets
  • Rank for misspellings of brand and products; alternative products and remedies
  • Leverage paid ad campaigns to map customer journeys and build key insights
  • Boost conversions by identifying IP addresses of visiting B2B organizations, analyzing behavior and remarketing to key decision makers

The results

  • 210 new keywords on the first page of Google within 12 months
  • 900% increase in monthly visitors 
  • 5.9x ROI on our efforts
  • Grew 48% in their first year working with our team
  • Increased global reach by 10x
  • Boosted revenue for partner-designed site and extended partner’s earnings to include landing pages, UX/UI improvement and content writing

2 Year Progress
Grew organization from $6mm to $150mm evaluation (+) 


Detailed Report



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • Keyword integration
  • Meta tagging, etc.
  • Basic SEO plugin
  • Weekly email newsletter
  • Basic Google Analytics (traffic, bounce rate, etc.)



Of Inbound Marketing Efficiencies Captured

  • In-depth Click ID Conversion Tracking by source product, country, demographic and onsite behavior
  • Reverse IP address analysis to identify untapped segments for targeting and retargeting
  • Multi-Platform Ad Campaigns optimized by product, country and local language
  • Advanced SEO (On-site + Off-site)
  • Global Search Engine Marketing
  • Advanced Content Marketing and marketing automation optimization