ALLO Case Study

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ALLO Communications is a telecom company that provides fiber and internet services, including installation for both residential and business applications. Sympler started its partnership with ALLO in a highly competitive and highly regulated market, where companies like Spectrum Cable and Windstream dominated the online space.

What we did:

-Digital advertising


The challenge

Combining multiple tactics into one killer strategy

With the market as competitive as it was, we designed a custom inbound strategy suited to ALLO’s needs. This strategy included targeted digital advertising, retargeting, video advertising, HTML5, and a robust SEO strategy comprised of on-site consulting, office backlink in the building, and powerful press release.

Our approach

Bidding against the big guys

Using brand encroachment and demographic targeting, we identified a millenial audience enamored with high-speed internet for better online gaming and video platform streaming experiences. This allowed us to hone in on what would work: bidding on terms and capturing market share from Netflix, Hulu, and Spectrum customer login search behaviors to intercept and educate ALLO’s potential client base to motivate them to convert. After all, who wouldn’t want faster internet at a better cost? Our team also offered monthly content optimization recommendations, regularly optimized paid ads including both static and flex ads and seasonal messaging.

What we did:

-Digital advertising


The results

Digital Advertising

  • Successfully increased clicks and qualified digital ad traffic by 418.63% while decreasing the cost per click by 73.89%.
  • In one year, we decreased the cost per acquisition for the organization by 78.24%.
  • Overall, our efforts helped ALLO increase their leads captured through digital paid ads by 1,420.99%

Search Engine Optimization

  • We successfully increased organic traffic by 62.8% while increasing organic ranking on Google over 507.8%.
  • In one year, we increased the number of organic leads generated by 41.5% and increased their overall organic traffic value to the site by 158.1% making organic search traffic the best performing and lowest cost per acquisition channel the company had.