Bing SEO Optimization: Is it Worth It?

When it was first conceived, Microsoft’s Bing was marketed as the “Google killer.” Years later, it’s clear this hasn’t been the case. Despite investing countless dollars to overcome the search giant, Bing still doesn’t hold a candle to the volume and quality of Google’s search results. Still, the internet’s second-best search engine does maintain a noteworthy slice of the worldwide search market. Read on to learn why you should be implementing Bing SEO Optimization to target this considerable pool of potential customers.

Billions of Devices Integrate Bing’s Search

Everyone knows that Microsoft is a legendary tech giant. There are over 1.5 billion different devices powered by Windows technology, with just under 1 billion relying on Windows. That number is only growing, particularly in workplace settings, where the vast majority of devices utilize Windows.

Since Microsoft owns Bing, these Windows devices direct a large amount of traffic to the company’s proprietary search engine. While the Bing logo may not appear plastered all over a PC’s desktop, there is a prominent search bar that serves as a fast track to Bing. Anytime someone asks Cortana a question, the answers come from Bing. The searches that occur on lock screens? Also Bing. With all this in mind, it’s clear that you are missing out on potential customers and leads if you aren’t optimized for Bing searches.

Bing Is Behind Yahoo

Because Bing powers Yahoo searches, optimizing for one results in traffic from both. In fact, when combined, the two search engines account for more than 30% of the search market share, meaning you could be missing out on nearly a third of all search users if you’re only prioritizing Google in your optimization efforts.

Less Competition

bing search engine optimizationSince Google accounts for the vast majority of internet searches, that’s where most businesses and marketing agencies invest their optimization dollars. This means greater competition for first-page search results that can only hold a handful of pages.

By optimizing your web pages and blog posts for Bing, you have an opportunity to reach a new pool of potential customers you might not ever reach on Google. Over time, many predict that Bing and Yahoo’s 30% market share of searches will increase; so it’s smart to establish strong footholds with Bing now before the competition gets thicker.

Ecommerce Opportunities

Countless people utilize search platforms to begin shopping, but neither Bing nor Google search owns a monopoly on e-commerce. This is why Microsoft has partnered with major e-commerce platforms, including GumTree, OfferUp and Amazon.

While it may not be the internet’s most popular search engine, Bing reaches more than a third of online retail searches. Those audiences that fall outside of Bing’s standard search result page are very engaged. Advertisers hoping to target these audiences often see success within their individual shopping campaigns across numerous industries on Bing.

On average, Bing shopping campaigns have a higher advertisement click-through rate than on Google. Bing’s average CPC on shopping ads is also generally much lower than Google’s average. The average overall cost to acquire a new customer through Bing shopping is also lower than the CPA rate on Google shopping.

Wider Demographics

Different demographics tend to use different types of search engines. This allows you to target varying demographics based on the specific search engine you optimize for.

Anytime you are attempting to reach a target market, you want to heavily consider where they tend to congregate in terms of internet destinations. One effective way to do that is by figuring out the demographics your audience falls into and then determining what search engine that demographic is most likely to use.

For instance, if you are targeting consumers who are over 35, have children and reside in the United States, Bing may be a terrific option for your product or service. You can leverage all sorts of tools to better assess your target market’s demographics. If you still aren’t quite sure where your target market makes the majority of their searches, give us a call and we can help you determine where to invest your optimization budget to attain more organic traffic and an increasing number of profitable conversions.

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