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Since its establishment in 1973, ASF Payment Solutions has been at the forefront of providing innovative gym management and payment processing software tailored for the fitness industry. Originating in Colorado by Grand Master Richard Reed, a figure synonymous with martial arts and entrepreneurial foresight, ASF has grown from a company addressing the billing inefficiencies of martial arts studios to a leader in club management technology. With a history of almost five decades, the company has continuously evolved, introducing the fitness world to advances like electronic funds transfers and pioneering membership management software, solidifying its reputation as a steadfast ally to fitness businesses nationwide.

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ASF Payment Solutions Reviews

ASF Payment Solutions garners a mixed bag of reviews, reflecting the dual facets of its clientele. On the one hand, gym and martial arts studio owners often speak highly of ASF’s comprehensive management tools, praising the seamless integration of payment processing and gym software systems that streamline their business operations. On the other hand, the company faces criticism from individuals on the receiving end of its collection processes—typically, members of the gyms and facilities it serves—who sometimes express dissatisfaction with the collection practices. This dichotomy in feedback highlights ASF’s unique position in the market as both a facilitator of business efficiency and an enforcer of financial obligations.

ASF Payment Solutions is a payment processing company that provides integrated payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. They offer various services, including credit and debit card processing, ACH processing, e-commerce payment processing, and more.

Reviews of ASF Payment Solutions are generally positive, with customers praising the company’s customer service, ease of use, and competitive pricing. Here are some excerpts from recent reviews on Capterra and Software Advice:

    • “Overall, great experience. All reps are knowledgable and helpful.”
    • “I like how friendly the customer service is and the accessibility to my client overview.”
    • “What I like the most about ASF payment solutions is how user-friendly it is. It is very easy to learn how to use.”
    • “ASF is continually upgrading its systems to keep up with the times. They listen to feedback well, which allows us to keep growing our business.”

However, there are also some negative reviews of ASF Payment Solutions, with customers complaining about technical issues, slow customer support response times, and hidden fees. Here are some excerpts from recent negative reviews:

  • “Years ago the team was really good. However, the quality of customer service has declined significantly in recent years.”
  • “We’ve had some technical issues with ASF’s software, and their customer support has been slow to respond.”
  • “We were surprised to find that there were hidden fees associated with our ASF account.”

Overall, ASF Payment Solutions is a reputable payment processing company with a good track record. However, it is essential to read reviews carefully before choosing any payment processor and to be aware of the potential for technical issues and hidden fees.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when considering ASF Payment Solutions:

  • ASF Payment Solutions is a good option for businesses of all sizes, but it is especially well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • ASF Payment Solutions offers various payment processing services, so you can choose the ones that are right for your business.
  • ASF Payment Solutions has a good reputation for customer service, but there are some reports of slow response times.
  • ASF Payment Solutions’ pricing is competitive, but there may be hidden fees associated with your account.

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Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
Status: Unanswered

I contacted EXTREME GYM in November 2022 to cancel my membership, making the gym owner aware of my move out of state over the phone, where he expressed he would be in contact with ASF. I continued to be billed without noticing until June 2023, when I closed my card and contacted member services. Since then, a member service rep has refused to investigate the gym or incident, claiming “no record” of me making contact despite my forwarding emails between myself and the gym owner and requesting that the gym owner be contacted. When I asked for a supervisor, I was told I wouldn’t be connected because they would “tell me the same thing” and would not cancel my membership unless I paid what was due.

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Competitors / Alternatives to ASF Payment Solutions

For those seeking alternatives to ASF Payment Solutions, the digital landscape offers a variety of competitors that share online traffic within the gym management and payment processing niche. Each of these alternatives brings its own set of features and specializations that may suit different business needs:

  • Gym Insight: Provides streamlined gym management tools with a user-friendly interface at
  • Health Club Systems: Offers tailored solutions for health clubs and gyms, available at
  • Gym Management Software: Features comprehensive software for fitness club management found at
  • My Fit Hive: Targets a range of fitness businesses with its management platform, accessible at
  • MIS (Management Information Systems): Delivers robust gym software solutions, with details at
  • Fit LVL: Offers innovative fitness management systems, found at
  • Mosaic App: Provides a versatile gym management app, available at
  • Unbounce Pages: While not a direct competitor, it hosts landing pages that may feature various gym management tools at
  • Zen Planner: Specializes in fitness business management software, which can be explored at
  • Net Suite: Although broader in its enterprise resource planning solutions, it offers relevant services for gym management at

Each platform has its merits, and potential users may find it beneficial to explore these options to determine which service best aligns with their business model and operational needs.

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