How to Migrate from HubSpot to WordPress

When it comes to choosing a content management system (CMS), it’s important to choose one that sets you up for success. WordPress has been proven to be one of the best platforms for SEO because you have the ability to customize just about every inch of its back end and front end. With other CMS options out there, you just aren’t as lucky, and this can cause technical issues you can’t overcome to beat your competitors in rankings.
HubSpot has become one of the most powerful and popular platforms out there; many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon without understanding just how much the platform may hold them back. While HubSpot may work for you, it may not be the best foundation for SEO. Let’s look at why you should migrate from HubSpot to WordPress for SEO success.

Why Migrate from HubSpot to WordPress

Like we said, HubSpot may not be for everyone. If you’re in a highly competitive SEO market, using WordPress over HubSpot will yield better overall results for your SEO campaign. However, we don’t want to strictly bad mouth HubSpot, because, for some, it may be the right platform.
For instance, HubSpot may work for you in these cases:
New to internet marketing with a small website
Need help throughout the process of working with your website
Need an all-in-one solution for CMS and marketing
You don’t want to control your own website
You’re not in a competitive SEO market
You can write content yourself
Budget isn’t a concern
HubSpot may not work for you in these cases:

    1. Budget is a concern


    1. You want complete control over your website, data, and functionality


    1. You don’t want to be limited by what HubSpot can and can’t do


    1. You want to run an online store, forum, or membership site


    1. You don’t want to attend mandatory training sessions


    1. You have limited time to work with your own website


    1. You’re in a highly competitive market

How to Migrate from HubSpot to WordPress

Depending on the size, scope, and goals of your website, you can migrate from HubSpot to WordPress easily as far as content and data go. While you’ll need to select a new theme, customize that theme, and add to it as necessary, an experienced web design and SEO company like Sympler Networkign can help with ease.
HubSpot allows you to export a majority of data it keeps, including content and contacts from their software. This allows you to import this data into WordPress and other software and apps for use off their platform. We’re able to preserve your SEO from your HubSpot site while migrating to WordPress, too, so you won’t see any traction lost from your previous efforts.
By creating a custom website on WordPress for your brand and business, we can immediately see benefits in the SEO world for the efforts. By migrating from HubSpot to WordPress, you can set yourself up for success in the future when it comes to search engine optimization. By relying on Sympler’s experienced migration experts, you can migrate from HubSpot to WordPress with ease and see your ranking skyrocket in no time.

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