How to Learn SEO

Search Engine Optimization as a discipline has grown immensely in recent years. What used to be a ‘nice to have’ in the development of a website is now a must-have, and those who don’t take the time to learn the nuances of SEO are doomed to be bested by those who do.
Thankfully, there is a glut of educational resources available online – resources that can help you to really move the needle when it comes to increasing the search engine traffic that comes to your website. If you’re interested in doing some self-study on your quest for optimal SEO, we’re here to help by showing you just a few of the most popular places on the internet for learning more about SEO at your own pace.

How to Learn SEO at Your Own Pace Online

As you begin your journey to becoming an SEO expert, remember that the search engine landscape is constantly changing, and it pays to stay on top of algorithm updates, trends in the industry, and best practices that evolve over time. So, never stop learning!

Top-Tier SEO Resources

To learn more about SEO, we recommend starting with the Google Webmaster Central Blog, where you can get crawling, indexing, and ranking information straight from the source – Google. As a primer on all things SEO, you could start with the Google’s SEO Starter Guide, which is an excellent resource for the up-and-coming SEO professional.
Not surprisingly, Google has made it incredibly easy to bootstrap your understanding of how the world’s largest and most popular search engine does what it does, so that you can tailor your SEO strategy accordingly.
Two other online resources we highly recommend for those just getting started with SEO are Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal, two mainstays in the world of SEO. Keep in mind that each of these sites has their own profit motive; they want you to click their ads or sign up for their premium memberships. However, there is a mountain of great SEO knowledge contained in each of them, and it’s highly advised to check in with them from time to time for the latest information.
Keep in mind that authoritative blogs are also great resources for SEO newbies. Check out The Moz Blog, The GSQi Blog, and The Search Engine Watch blog. Each of these blogs is penned by SEO professionals who know the business and who were once just like you. If you want to really pour on the progress, consider registering on these sites and contributing in the discussions you’ll find on their forums. For the most part, SEO pros are more than willing to help a newcomer out, and answers to your technical questions are just a click or two away.

Sympler is Empowered SEO

At Sympler, we know that knowledge is power. As you endeavor to learn as much as you can about this complex industry, know that we’re here for support. With as much as there is to learn about SEO and the ways you can benefit from it, there’s also value in leaning on the experts when the occasion calls for it. Contact us to learn more.

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