How to Hire a Denver SEO Company

Hiring the right SEO company can be challenging. Perhaps you’ve never worked with an SEO provider before, and are unsure of the process and deliverables. Or maybe you’ve worked with an SEO provider and had a bad experience, and are cautious about revisiting the idea not knowing who to trust. 

Although it’s been around for decades now, SEO is still a new concept to many business owners. They may think that the extent of digital marketing is simply having a website, not realizing the roles played by content, links, social media, user experience, and other factors.

When they do get introduced to SEO, it’s often not voluntarily. Some SEO businesses are known to blast prospective client companies with emails of “SEO Reports” listing all the problems with their website. These reports are often made up of technical jargon designed to confuse and intimidate business owners into signing up for services they may not understand or even need. Such reports may also include false positives that look like an error to the unbeknownst reader, but in reality, aren’t truly affecting SEO or rankings. 

With SEO being largely a mystery to those who don’t specialize in it, and with so many players in the game–many of whom rely on shady and dishonest business practices–it can be hard to know what to look for in an SEO provider. SEO requires substantial coordination and communication between the provider and client, and compatibility is tantamount to success. 

In Denver, SEO is booming and competitive amidst a growing tech sector in Colorado and the midwest. Here are a few tips on how to hire a Denver SEO company.

See Who Ranks For SEO Services

The core offering of an SEO company is to increase search engine rankings for their clients. Knowing this, it’s easy to deduce that whichever local SEO company can rank themselves on the first page of results for highly-competitive search terms such as “Denver SEO” or “SEO near me” is probably a good contender for SEO services.

As an SEO company, the battle for front-page rankings is akin to an NBA All-Star game; the best of the best doing what they do best–in this case, achieving desirable rankings positions for both their clients and themselves. When an SEO company is able to rank their business well amidst a sea of competing SEOs, it really says something about their expertise and ability to deliver.

Read Online Reviews

seo company in denver

Because they understand the value of online reviews, SEO companies usually can be found on several review platforms, with some even requesting reviews from their clients. Reviews are an excellent go-to when researching overall customer satisfaction with a business, and seeing how the business responds to reviews can say a thing or two about how they interact with their customers. 

Additionally, clients who have found success in SEO will likely recommend their SEO provider to other businesses with whom they share a relationship. The utility of word-of-mouth can not be overstated in increasing leads, customers, and sales; the level of brand trust gained through personal recommendations is just that valuable. 


Understand SEO Basics

SEO is a grey industry; while reputable companies follow guidelines and only perform white-hat SEO, there is also a black hat side whereupon they use dishonest, deceptive, or otherwise unapproved methods to try and cheat the system. Someone who knows nothing whatsoever about SEO is more at risk of being bamboozled.

Therefore, it’s helpful for business owners who are seeking SEO services to know a thing or two about SEO themselves. Even a basic understanding of SEO will help in asking the right questions, knowing what to expect, and avoiding potential scams by learning to recognize red flags.

Pick an SEO with Experience in Your Industry

While the principles remain the same, SEO methodology can vary significantly based on industry. Each industry is unique and therefore requires unique approaches; SEO for a medical provider is going to be much different than SEO for a construction contractor.

While some SEO companies diversify their clientele across a range of industries, others specialize in one alone. Your best bet is to find an SEO with experience in your industry. They may even be able to demonstrate how they’ve helped clients in that industry be successful in SEO.

Choosing the right SEO agency isn’t a cut-and-dry decision, but it is an important one that requires significant research, self-educating, and a little faith. By knowing the ins and outs of your business and what you hope to gain out of SEO, you’ll be in a better position to find the best possible SEO partner.

At Sympler, we would love to be that partner! Contact us today to see if we’d be a good fit for your business’ SEO needs.

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