Sympler marketing services for crowdfunding

Sympler provides full-service, in-house crowdfunding performance marketing deliverables that help bring your products to market via Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and other popular platforms!

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Our Track Record

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10+ years of experience

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Supported by major media outlets including and more

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4.5 stars positive reviews

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Multiple award winner around performance marketing (SEO +)

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PE, VC, Search Fund, Family Office Focused

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Cutting edge IP - Machine Learning and AI

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Series A Compliant

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Fortune 500+ level accounts

Process and Channels

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Discovery and Strategy Sessions

Taking the time to investigate, build a knowledge base, and create a solid foundation for campaigns through our discovery and strategy sessions allows us the path to fully understand the products and how best to market them in this space. We use this data to build demographic and psychographic profiles needed for investment optimization and targeting.

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Pre-Launch Lead Generation

Through multiple asset creation processes including but not limited to, landing page creation, Facebook Ad development, Google ad development and more, we can positively and virally increase the growth of your social media following, attract more qualified leads for your upcoming campaign, and influence those users to buy your product as soon as possible.
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Audience-Focused Social Media Advertising

By leveraging research to conduct audience profile building, we’re able to integrate machine-driven Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/ Reddit and more ads to target the most optimal audience base. Through evidence-based strategy and creativity, our Ads-certified team is able to find fans, customers, and alike profiles and drive them to your campaign to engage. Expect a complimentary/exponential growth impact from social sharing which brings CPA down

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Industries we’ve seen great success in:

digital currency

Digital currency

real estate

Real estate


Cannabis - CBD





machine learning

AI - Machine learning


Lighting [Commercial and Residential]


Gadgets / IOT

Audience Building and Targeting

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● Community-focused Approach
● Messaging and profile building
● Complimentary interests
● Alike demographics
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Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing tools. We will build a cohesive strategy that best speaks to the best audience and reaches them directly in their inboxes. Our email marketing tactics also improve existing relationships with past and current customers by keeping them updated on the progress of your campaign; resulting in increased sales.

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Comprehensive Campaign Copywriting & Strategy

A great product or idea is the first step to any successful campaign, Sympler focuses on properly communicating and positioning the value of those products and ideas. Our team of content strategists will clearly identify core differentiators, qualifiers, what separates you from competitors, and how to communicate that value to your audience so the product resonates with fans.
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Industry Thought Leader of Public Relations

Our team of public relations professionals knows how to leverage niche channels and qualified connections with many of the top technology/ gadget bloggers and journalists to ensure your project gets covered by the outlets that your customers read.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer and thought leader marketing is one of the most effective ways to enhance your product’s social proof and get in front of your potential customers more quickly. With your budget in mind, we implement our strategic, personalized outreach processes to seek out the best influencers in your industry.

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Speed to Market and Attribution

Sympler is able to launch effective marketing campaigns within time constraints (1-60 days.) Effectiveness tracking via 24/7 live API-fed custom reporting dashboard that communicates data around traffic, interest, conversions, donations, purchases, and more. We will also create profiles and refine targeting as we measure who converts, patterns, similarities, and more to make better use of our marketing investment moving forward.

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Let’s build a winning crowdfunding campaign
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Let’s build a winning crowdfunding campaign